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Fixing the future of Progressive community in 2017 can only be begun locally

Consumerism is not a life. It is a substitute for living a full life ~ Jim Hightower


This captures the theme of how half or more of Progressive audiences have evolved since 1972; and yet, Old Left activists and organizers have mostly not yet progressed:  they are still selling activism as a product, as an end in itself.

These posts are written for Progressive group organizers, activists; including, food system activists and CSA farmers.

Large crowds of local Progressive participants can be mobilized again–but only if and when local activist leaders update their understanding of Progressive history.

Recent Progressive audiences have new needs and goals evolved beyond the their parents and grandparents’ dreams.

Progressive groups are no longer fated to repeat the errors of their parents and grandparents–IF they will learn their own history. Best Practices in Group Process do not have to be re-invented; they are already documented in books from the 1980s. Time to put them to use.

If you put healthy, face-to-face group process at the center of organizational growth, you will have overflow crowds of attendees at your local gatherings.

Ram Dass’ early advice was, “Find the others.” However, anyone attempting to organize “the others” has quickly runs into the frustrations of “cat-herding.”

Frustrations of “cat-herding” video

The original cat-herding-cowboys video has seven million views. It’s here Cat-herding Cowboys

Who were “the others” Ram Dass was referring to?

The others who are not going with the corporate-consumer-debt agenda.

Anyone who has tried to organize these others quickly runs into the frustration of “cat-herding.”

What changes corporate-consumer-debt agenda followers into “cats”? Effective higher education, pre-algebra, essay writing on up to calculus, coding, STEM professional topics and masters in psychology, counseling and social work.

The more higher education people consume, the more exercise they have had thinking independently. They are able to think for themselves.

The more they are able to think for themselves, the more challenging it it to get them act collectively and as a group.

How are highly educated cats “herded”? Values is one of very few ways ever devised for doing this.

Yes, everything George Lakoff says about values is relevant here. A later article summarizes Lakoff’s ideas. His site is https://GeorgeLakoff.com/

Needed: People Magnets to herd cats

Existing churches, of many kinds, are almost at the center of the transformation we must now accomplish.

This will surprise no one who understands how new cultures grow. They grow from the grass roots up. New cultural ways, new Tribes, emerge from people congregating with those with whom they are like-minded; and then, doing things better based on their consensus.

The kind of leaders needed now are people who can facilitate interactive group, dyad and small group exercises, to lead people to express positive visions of their own future and explore what they can do tomorrow to manifest them.

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