Unwanted excess body weight as mitochondria, as unconscious

HealingToolbox view of thyroid issues as they pertain to unwanted physical weight

In conventional medicine, excess unwanted weight is thought to be caused by deficient messaging to mitochondria by hormones produced in the thyroid gland.

This not wrong but is clearly not the whole picture. Evidence for this includes the thousands of people on natural and artificial thyroid hormones who experience a range of benefits; yet often, not total release of excess weight.

The bigger picture, the smarter picture, seldom taken into account, is an expanded view of our mitochondria.

Excess weight, at one time called “cellulite” and earlier called “myxedema” is simply cellular nutrition stored and not being burned by cells. If you ask Mr. Google about “myxedema” and click on Images, you see many examples.

Where do cells get their nutrition? Food passing thru our digestive tract is broken down into cellular nutrition and allowed directly into the blood stream as “safe.”

When cells cannot or do not burn safe cellular nutrition proved, the body stores cellular nutrition for when it is needed. This is Cellulite and Myxedema.

How do cells burn nutrients? In the mitochondria, where nutritional nutrients are burned with Oxygen to make energy (ATP).

How do mitochondria know how much nutrients to burn? Thyroid hormones message exactly these instructions.

Thyroid hormones also message mitochondria how fast to reproduce themselves. Thyroid hormones may also message mitochondria how mobile to be within each cell. Mitochondria can and do move around within each cell, providing more energy where a cell wishes increased activity.

This is why we feel better after physical exercise. People with even small amounts of unwanted excess body weight, due to under-active mitos, feel better because physical exercise stimulates Oxygen intake. Oxygen intake stimulates our mitos to be more active. They begin burning excess cellular nutrition nearby.

So unwanted excess body weight is like stocked up firewood for the winter. Mitochondria either are not burning it, and/or not using it quickly enuf, and/or too few mitochondria exist to burn the stored “wood” accumulating.

Broda Barnes, Mark Starr and Jerry Tennant have been leaders over 40 years for natural dried pig thyroid as more bio-compatible and bio-available than synthetic thyroid hormones. Nature-Throid by prescription and Thyroid-S from Thailand without a prescription seem to be the current choices.

Q: Besides ingesting adequate and sufficient thyroid hormones, what else can we do?

A: A re-education process is needed.

1) Start looking at our unwanted excess body weight as expressing hypo-mitochondria function.

When your mitos are burning cellular nutrition optimally, reproducing optimally and moving around your cells optimally, unwanted excess body weight melts away.

Regular physical exercise accomplishes this too but only to a relatively small degree in most people.

2) Start looking at your mitochondria as representing your unconscious. How aware are you of your UNconscious? Are the two of you friendly? Enemies? Fren-emies?

Q: In Psychosomatic Medicine terms, what is the “epidemic” of unwanted excess body weight telling us?

A: The epidemic of unwanted excess body weight has two messages we can uncover and put into words:

– For many people and most children, the epidemic is telling us we are getting too many of our calories from carbs. Our body is designed to get most of its calories from various oils, vegetables; and then to a lesser extent, proteins and carbs.

– If your diet is already healthy, unwanted excess body weight has this message, “Conscious Waking Self is unaware of and “in the dark” about the unconscious parts of your own waking psyche.

Q: How do I connect and communicate with my unconscious?

A: A Skill Ladder of Self-connection methods exists. It starts with yoga, meditation, and progresses to personal, home experiments in sensory awareness, acupressure and point-holding techniques. Towards the middle of the ladder, meridian tracing (see Donna Eden videos on YouTube) and self-testing (self-muscle-testing, arm-length-testing method is preferred).

Q: Do you mean to tell me, my unwanted excess body weight is telling me I am out of contact and connection with my own Inner Child and my deeper unconscious?

A: Exactly. You got it.

Q: But I don’t want to explore my inner child; it’s full of pain.

A: No problem. Enjoy the weight.

Q: I’m on good terms with my Inner Child and I still have a lot of unwanted excess body weight.

A: This tells you your next experiments in self-exploration are deeper in your UNconscious. Simply use your preferred methods to stay connected with the Highest God and Greatest loving, as you explore new areas deeper in your psyche. Ask for Protection. Only wrong way to ask is not to ask at all.

Q: I’m ready to explore my unconscious. Where is it?

A: It’s visible and active in your bad habits. Pick one small, tiny, minuscule habit you wish to change and take the tiniest baby steps you can imagine to improve your habits there.

If you do this, you build “muscles” to explore and transform little habits the next size up.

Any questions?

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