GP#8 Putting group process at the center of thriving orgs and groups

Intro to Group Process as an Art-form book series

The four volumes in this series are to equip local Progressive activists and organizers who wish to enliven local meetings of all kinds. CEPs are one category of group process formats useful for enlivening live group meetings.
The endgame is: local, live, paid events and salons, each organized around a theme or topic, each using a variety of group process formats. Each exercise offers attendees opportunity to work on personal-professional issues, of their own choosing, at a rate and depth of their own choosing. This is what churches, synagogues, colleges and universities have mostly fallen down on after 1995.

World literacy does seem to be steadily increasing since the 1500s ( ). However, based on worldwide mainstream media my impression is independent thinking, critical thinking, does not enjoy a parallel increase. This would be hard to prove one way or another. The way I suggest to test my guess is to count the opportunities for you yourself to exercise critical-independent thinking in public forums in your city.

Using the Waldorf model of developmental stages towards critical-independent thinking, my guess is what you find locally around you is primarily opportunities to imitate the thinking of others (TV and screens of every kind); and, opportunities to take on authority the views of presumed experts (all mainstream news outlets, all slanted news, all fake news).

Outside of the comments section under opinion pieces in the New York Times and similar, a few podcasts of political comment and thought, critical-independent public expression and discourse is very limited to virtually non-existent in 2017, in my experience. How about in your experience?

Old way of thinking about Progressive politics

[Progressive] coalitions, if they are to be successful and sustained, have to be built around issue-driven politics, where broad, progressive, engaged and productive coalitions can come together for those express purposes.
If they have an afterlife which remains productive, well and good.
If immediate issues are resolved; or to a large degree resolved, and the coalition then falls apart; and, a new coalition emerges around some other progressive arrangement–well and good (p. 71 Politics of Possibility: Encountering the Radical Imagination By Gary A. Olson, Lynn Worsham, Henry A. Giroux (2007)

New way of thinking about Progressive politics
These is no politics apart from our vision of a healthier, more sustainable economic, ecological and social future. Therefore, “getting down on one knee” to view any one Progressive org, to ask and explore what quality of face-to-face group process existed, was promoted, was intended. If a clear, conscious group progress goal existed, what was it? Was it achieved? If not, why not?

This new, extra step–to swap metaphors–is the secret sauce of successful, profitable Progressive groups going forward from 2017.

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