GP#7 The Heroes Journey: At different stages, different views

I accept everyone is on a Heroes Journey–even tho most people aren’t yet conscious of being on such a path.

My experience is any two people CONSCIOUSLY on the Heroes Journey generally will be like-minded enuf to at least understand each other and each other’s goals.

Within all the people consciously on the Heroes Journey, I’m aware differences and potential conflicts exist. Not everyone on the Journey is at the same stage of the cycle.

I think I’ve found a way to discuss these views. Why bother? Let’s assist people to more clearly perceive where they and others are on a Journey cycle with up to 17 stages, depending on how you count them.

In the Wikipedia version, the Cycle begins at 9 o’clock with ordinariness, goes all the way around and ends at 9 o’clock with ordinariness.

Different depictions of the Heroes Journey in circle form use different starting places. Many start and end at 12 noon. See 50 circular depictions at

Once two people both acknowledge each other being on a Heroes Journey, I suspect the main conflict arising is between people at 3 o’clock and 9’o’clock positions.

The Call – Everyone starts at 9 o’clock

People consciously responding to The Call for the first time are by far the largest group.

At the first position, individuals stop being unconscious Muggles. They acknowledge a Bigger Me is potential–even if they have no idea how to actualize it.

If an individual continues taking baby steps forward, soon they encounter The Call, an invitation to actualize their own Bigger Me in some way. Everyone is free to act on this Call–or ignore it. Up to you. Soul is choice.

When an individual consciously acknowledges The Call, it’s like buying a first time ticket to ride a roller coaster or bungie jump. You don’t know what will happen; and, you know a personal experience is inevitable.

Generally at the 9 o’clock position, individuals have yet to make any definite choiceselection of a method, service or study which becomes their vehicle of self-transformation.

Opposite this larger group is a much smaller group, at the 3 o’clock position.

At the 3 o’clock position, we are consciously facing our Descent; or perhaps even, in our Descent. In the Descent an individual connects with their dilemma (unresolved disturbance) and accepts the one or more methods for exploring it.

One famous method often employed at 3 o’clock is exploring your own “shadow,” becoming more accountable for our less-than-conscious behaviors and habits.

To use a pop-psychology Jung phrase, The Descent requires individuals to face, own and begin conversation with their own Shadow.

The other very famous method employed here is Inner Child work of any kind. Inner Child work and Shadow work overlap about 90%. The similarities far out-weigh any differences.

Because they are using one or more methods to integrate disowned parts of their own Bigger Me, people at the 3 o’clock position, have a good deal more Coherence, Integration and Alignment–the new CIA–than folks still at 9 o’clock.

In a word, the people at 3 o’clock have more integrity, than the people at 9 o’clock.

Consequently a person at 9 o’clock and one person at 3 o’clock can come into conflict. “Hearing a Call” to find and integrate a Bigger me is not yet the same as having looked into the mirror of your own unconscious and begin to address its shortcomings.

The Descent always involves facing deeper aspects specifically outside of and beyond what we define as “ordinary,” normal and “business as usual.” The Descent is the first serious part of a Journey, which if successful, creates a new status quo at a higher level of integration-integrity.

See if you agree. Do you perceive a difference between first-timers responding to their own Call vs. persons actively and consistently involved in exploring and redeeming their own Shadow?

Q: Any books on this contrast?

A: Yes. Dark Side of the Light Chasers, by Debbie Ford raises these issues. This book remains valuable.

If we can understand how separation can enter between individuals at different stages on a Heroes Journey, perhaps we can express more compassion and tolerance so we can support each other more.

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