#4 – Two things killed the New Age

As I saw it from participant, volunteer, Board member perspectives, two things mainly killed the New Age:

1) The Great Recession of 2008, and

2) Too little attention paid by organizers to healthy, local, FUN, face-to-face interaction; and, too little attention paid to refreshing consensus on the org’s deepest, innermost values.

The Great Recession of 2008

In each and every recession-depression, arts funding is one of the first things to suffer, because arts are funded as “disposable income” by the 1% and corporations looking for tax write offs. Let’s recall in the larger corporate-consumer-debt culture, anything holistic is a fringe topic, closer to the arts than to corporate culture. In a Recession, the arts always suffer first.

Lack of healthy, local, FUN, face-to-face interaction

A too-casual attitude towards local, sustainable, face-to-face group process towards Green, Progressive, holistic orgs of all kinds.

Q: Why was this a problem?

A: If organizers-leaders don’t take the health of face-to-face group process seriously, they don’t invest in it, don’t budget time and labor to nurturing it.

This one is harder to perceive if you did not participate in weak or failing Green groups. I participated in many, a large fraction of those available to me in person in Los Angeles, in my tours of the US between 1987-2001, and some groups online, like Bioneers.

The pattern of failure began to interest me. Seemed like it might even extend over the period 1972-2016.

I got it was Groundhog Day over and over again. Just as in the movie, it took me a good while to see the pattern clearly enuf to uncover what was in plain sight, the obvious hidden in plain sight: Meetings stopped being fun, people stopped attending because too few of their needs were met; especially, when business topics took over 100% of meeting time.

Progressives have worked for healthier, replacement cultures since the 1960s or maybe since Socialism in the 1930s. Progressive-Utopian projects are complex, highly social projects. Participants stop investing their time when long, boring business meetings become the new normal.

Solutions exist, discussed in further articles on this site.

If we can learn only one thing from the list of failures above, I suggest it be this:

Make healthy, local, face-to-face group gatherings sustainable, regular and profitable. When activists-organizers pay adequate and sufficient attention to internal group process, then all other pieces can arrange themselves around this core strength.

To Learn More

More interesting ideas about the end of the New Age:

The New Age Is Over – Now that Neopaganism has replaced the New Age Movement, flaws in evangelicals’ criticism are obvious. Irving Hexham (1999). http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/1999/decemberweb-only/22.0a.html

You are encouraged to skim or read: Building Organizations in a Movement Moment BY BETH ZEMSKY & DAVID MANN http://bethzemsky.com/pdfs/BuildingOrganizations%20in%20amovement%20moment.pdf

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