#2 – Needed: People Magnets to herd cats

What are needed to herd Progressive cats is People Magnets.

Being a People Magnet has little to do with crackling personal charisma. That’s rare.

Bernie in 2016, wonderful as Bernie is, still misunderstood the People Magnet function. That’s why Bernie acts and speaks so “hair on fire.” The only way he knows how to bring people together is to employ the full force of his personality to a list of issues. That’s he learned in the 1960s.

Few people have the force of Bernie’s personality. More people can be People Magnets who facilitate group process, create sustainable group gatherings. A People Magnet does not need to run around with his or her hair on fire.

Progressive individuals with natural force of personality are useful. Get them elected. But people like Bernie are too rare, infrequent and unsustainable to rely upon to reform and re-invent local neighborhood, city, regional culture.

To go bigger for a second, the Progressive Leadership drought up until 2017 has two causes:

– Not understanding how to be a People magnet so you can herd cats,

– The too-small endgame of single-issue politics.

When these are remedied, we will see many more female Progressive leaders, many more young leaders.

Methods to attract and herd Progressive cats have existed since around 1980. All the major literature was written between 1985-2001. A separate article address this.

Are you a Progressive group activist, CSA organizer?

Want to get up to speed? You need to:

– Learn how Progressive audiences evolved from where they were in the 1960s,

– Understand the effect higher education had on Progressive audiences 1948-2000,

– Learn the role of vision, truly human values and refreshing these in Progressive orgs,

– Bone up on and begin practicing the mature technology and methods of healthy group process and heartfelt group process; the books already exist.

This website has a backgrounder series of articles to bring you up to speed. A longer book version is being prepared.

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